Missing this today!

Just about now, as I sit in my home with this icy, snowy, stormy weather about me… This place is looking really good!


These amazing waves can be found off the beach of Oahu, Hawaii. The beach is named Makapu’u Beach. This amazing first photo, is an image my awesome husband photographer took, while we were there last spring. You can find his photography website (reflectedPixel) here to browse: http://www.reflectedpixel.com

(By the way, he has an awesome sale going on this month. 25% off any order of $50 or more. So head on over and check out his galleries! Makes for awesome gifts… Valentines anyone?)

This is me enjoying the ocean waves with the Boogie Board, playing in these same waves. We spent a whole afternoon there, after a morning of Scuba-ing in Hanauma Bay.


Makapu’u Beach has these crazy fun waves that are daring and wild, nothing like the massive North shore 40 feet waves. But they stand their own, and are still quite scary, and fun. I was smashed and thrown and swirled under these waves over and over, until I was beat. Here I am same day, but after I’ve been thrown and drowned and twisted and scraped. Does wonders to your hair, don’t you think?

DSC_2380 DSC_2355

We took this amazing trip with my parents and siblings, no kids. It was an adventure, a pleasure and I will never forget it.

It was the second time that Jon and I had been to this island. We spent our honeymoon in Waikiki ten years before this photo. It will be eleven years since our wedding and first trip, later this week! Congrats to us! Here we are in Honolulu 11 years ago, on our Honeymoon. Love you babe!



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