Hattie Big Sky, sweet read

Just thought I’d give a shout out to this cute book I picked up from the library last week. It is a novel based on the life of the Author’s Great Grandmother, Hattie. It is about a young girl who orphaned and is constantly tossed between relatives, until at the age of 16 she gets a chance to move to Montana to prove up on her Uncle’s land. She is hoping for a chance to keep her uncle’s claim and have a real home of her own. It is a quick, easy read. I enjoyed the characters in this book and the touching experiences between them. I loved the simplicity of this book, and it’s real struggles and triumphs. It is just a sweet little book that I enjoyed recently. Even my 10 year old daughter enjoyed sitting in a chair and listening to this story. I got the audible version, so we listened to it. The lady who reads it has some great voices for the characters, enjoyed listening to it.

Hattie Big Sky

You can find it on Amazon, here’s a link to go straight to it:

Hattie Big Sky

I love the website Goodreads.com, are you a member? I love keeping track of the books I have read and which I liked and why. But I especially love to see what my friends and family are reading and what they recommend for me! My family is full of readers, so I get some great suggestions from them. No matter how fast I try to read, my “to-read” list just seems to grow and grow. But I love that. I love requesting books online at the library, and this website helps me keep all these things organized! It’s also fun to browse through to choose which type of Book I’m in the mood for: light fluffy fiction, history, how-to…

If you haven’t joined Goodreads, you ought to head there and try it out. Here’s a quick link for you:




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