Valentines Card 2013, a freebie!

valentine page

We made valentines last night for the kids to pass out at school. We settled on just making the same Valentine for all 3 this year, for simplicity sake. What do all 3 kids love? Gumballs! So we made a gumball machine valentine. Then I headed to the Dollar Tree for some bags of individually wrapped gum balls.


I didn’t watch the gum ball bowl close enough. This baby, sneakily grabbed some and we found her in another room with gum ball cheeks!


These turned out pretty darn cute! Kids signed their names on the front and taped a bum ball on the bottom- like it’s coming out of the machine.

val treat

If you would like this Valentine freebie, follow my blog, or Pin this Valentine Card photo on Pinterest, or blog/facebook about them sharing a link. Then leave your email in the comments section and I will email the file to you!


17 thoughts on “Valentines Card 2013, a freebie!

    • Thanks Kristi! I’ll be sending you the file!
      The gum balls were bought at the Dollar Tree. Love that store! They pretty much always have them. These were the Bubble Bubble brand, But they also had Cry Baby Sour Bubble Gum balls too. Each pack had around 25 individual wrapped pieces in them, I think.
      Happy Valentines Day!

  1. AWESOME!! I love this…. I am so last minute. Could you email this to me? I am going to the store to buy the gummballs. HAPPY VALENTINES!!! I found this pin and I am pinning it to my Valentines folder.

  2. My son loves printing out his own valentines every year and chose bubble gum this year. hope it’s not too late to have it sent to me! Super cute!

  3. Hey, also doing last minute Valentine’s, (plan A fell through) I pinned this to my Valentines board. Will you email this to me please? Thanks so much!

  4. This Valentine is really cute and different. I like to be different! 🙂 I would love to have this free printable if possible. Thank you so much!

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