Little Pet Beds

We had a problem at our house…these poor baby kittens had no bed.


My 10 year daughter, Mia was looking for an idea to make a gift for her baby sisters. Because they love Littlest Pet Shop toys, she decided to make them a case to carry their favorite pet in and be able to put them to sleep. (We based them off of these darling tins on this blog:


You don’t need much of a tutorial for this project, you need Altoid tin cases, fabric, hot glue gun, and a pet or some kind. (My 2 boys are now begging to make a set for their mini dinosaurs…)

Digging through stashes of fabric, Mia chose some soft, colorful flannels. We simply cut fabric the size of the bottom of the tin. Hot glued that piece to the bottom. Sewed a tiny pillow for their head and a top piece of fabric for their blanket. We decided to glue the pillow down, so the babies won’t lose them, as well as the end of the blanket. They can fold the blanket down to put their kitten to bed, but it is attached, so that it also won’t be lost.


My daughter also can up with the clever idea to make balls of “yarn” for the kittens using embroidery floss. Super cute.

This was a quick project, maybe an 1/2 hour long to get all 3 made. And the girls LOVE them. We also glued a ribbon to the outside, so they can be carried around “purse” style.


Snug as a bug in a rug! Look at that happy kitten.



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