Freezer Roll Sandwiches, a quick lunch fix!


Because I have 3 kids in school, our mornings are pretty busy around here. To help our morning go smoother, I like to have school things ready to grab and pack. Today I want to share one of my latest favorite quick lunch idea. We love to make a huge batch of these babies up and freeze them so they are ready anytime we need. Then each morning my kids can toss a sandwich into their lunch bag still frozen- by the time they eat lunch it is thawed out, but has also kept their lunch cool for their fruit, etc. The rolls taste delis! We all love them- they thaw out nicely -so soggy bread (at least the kind of rolls we use). And they are tasty.

I  head over to Walmart’s baking rack of “sale” items. I grabbed 3 of these huge bags of yummy French Steak Rolls, which we love! I pick up a block of Colby Jack Cheese and some lunch meat -usually my kids love ham and turkey.

bags sale

I head home and dump the rolls onto the counter- slice them in half, stuff them with a slice of cheese and some lunch meat. (Some people may need sauces on them- mayo, etc, but we love them without-which makes for a better freezer fit. You could always send a bit of sauce separately or add it).


Then the sands. get stuffed into baggies with a twist tie.


I have this green basket that I keep in the freezer. It is always full of the “main dish” lunch stuff, such as Sandwiches, Corn Dog Muffins, Crescent Rolls with ham & Cheese, etc. It helps to keep the lunch stuff organized and easy to find/grab!


I also keep another green backed in my pantry with “side” lunch stuff in it! I’ll post about that later.

There isn’t an amazing recipe for this, but it makes for a quick lunch making session. Also it works out fabulously when we decide to go somewhere last minute as a family or for little leagues… and need a quick lunch on the road idea. Pull out a sandwich that’s pre-made and hit the road.

in basket


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