Brigham City, Utah- and a review


Here’s where we spent much of the day yesterday. Because it was a holiday- kids and Jon had school/work off. So we headed up north to see the new Brigham City LDS Temple. It was beautiful. Had a very sweet modernized-pioneer styled look to it.

Jon took this image of it, along with other beautiful ones that will shortly be added to his website gallery, I’m sure. You can find a link to the temple gallery here:

Or browse other beautiful nature/landscape images in other galleries on his website. at reflected

Meanwhile, we decided to grab dinner in the city. We LOVE to try new hole in the wall- local joints. Jon usually calls them “Greasy Spoons”. For some reason, we all seemed to really be craving Chinese or Pizza- so driving down their main street we happened upon a little Chinese place called China Hua Guan! While it’s not a fancy building, don’t let that fool you. Oh my goodness, that food was amazing! Best Chinese I’ve had in a long time! Wish it was local in my town. We ordered quite a lot, and were amazingly surprise by how large the quantities were. We ate until our bellies were full and still came home with 4 completely stuffed take out containers. My favorite was the Mushroom Chicken- amazing! We also loved the Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Lo Mein, Walnut Shrimp, Egg Rolls, Wontons-these were the best I’ve had, the Egg Drop Soup- daughter said it was the best she’d ever had, and side salad…So yummy. I’m about to head to tripadvisor to give them a great review.

Not only was our bill only $38 for 7 people to eat, plus 4 big take home containers, we felt like we had eaten at a buffet and then got to bring it all with us. There were so many people coming in and heading out with bags of take home food. Can tell it is a chinese favorite for the locals.

So if you’re ever there, stop in and try them out.


One thought on “Brigham City, Utah- and a review

  1. I love that picture of the Brigham City Temple! Is there anyway I could get a copy of it? I am looking at making it into a puzzle for our Primary kids. We are in the temple district, so, it would be perfect!

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